28 Day Rehab For Alcohol & Drug Addiction: Outpatient vs Inpatient Treatment Programs

Get helpful information about the 28 day rehab programs for alcohol and drug addiction!

Most of the clean and sober recovery facilities offer 28 day rehab programs for drug and alcohol addicts.

The 28 day drug and alcohol rehab programs are ideal for some, especially those with less severe addiction issues.

The two month outpatient and inpatient rehab programs are short term treatment for drug and alcohol 

In this article, we’ll be discussing the various features of the two months rehabilitation programs for substance use disorders with the hope that by the end of the article you’ll be well in the position of deciding whether it is the right one for you or not.

So what is an addiction rehabilitation program?

The Centers for Disease Control And Prevention reports that opioid overdose killed more than 47,000 people in 2017 alone.

The Nation Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that the 2015 National Survey On Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) findings indicate that over 15 million-plus adults in the United States ages 18 and older had an alcohol use disorder.

So what do all these stats mean? It means that many individuals fall prey to alcohol or drug addiction.

A lot of these people are unable to quit consuming the substances even if they want. This is where a rehab program comes in such as the twenty-eight-day rehabs.

The rehabilitation program is meant to get the person back to his or her feet and become independent on his or her day to day activities without the need to go back to drugs or alcohol.

Addiction rehabilitation centers are facilities that provide such programs that help people in regaining their normal lifestyle and health by means of medications, therapies, and psychological counseling.

Why a 28 day rehab?

The 28-day rehab program has a number of benefits over other programs, the most important ones being:

Convenient to get through

The 28-day rehabilitation program length is neither too short nor too long. Some individuals try to get rid of their addiction through 3-4 day recaps but keep relapsing again and again.

For such people, any rehab program lasting less than 28 cannot suffice and will be considered a compromise. Many rehab programs lasting for 60-days and 90-days are also available.

Opting for those longer-term rehab programs often means sacrificing your work, relationships, and many other things for that long a time.


Another important factor is the cost of taking a rehab program. You may need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars every single day of the rehabilitation.

Moreover, the rehab program will lead to heavy work losses as well.

In such a condition, a 60 or 120-day rehab program can well bankrupt you and you may run into debt.

Insurance cover

Some of the health insurance companies provide recovery for 28-day inpatient rehab programs only. If that is the case with your insurance, then choosing any other rehab program may render you ineligible for insurance benefits with some plans.


There are family commitments, work commitments, upcoming holidays, and many other foundations which don’t allow you to complete a rehab program that lasts 60 and more days.

28 day drug rehab programs

The basic strategy used in 28-day drug rehab programs is quite similar to that in alcohol programs.

It also includes detoxification, education, and counseling in a residential facility for a full 28 days. The period of detoxification and types of rehab services, however, may vary from one drug center to another.

28 day alcohol rehab programs

The 28-day alcohol rehab program typically comes with detoxification which can take up to seven days depending upon the severity of the addiction. Only the rest of 21 days are spent in the actual rehabilitation process.

The rehabilitation includes teaching the addicts about the reasons that may have led them into the habit of alcohol abuse. This helps in creating a mental awareness among them, which helps in decreasing the chances of relapse.

How do 28 days rehabs generally work?

Rehabilitation is of two types on the basis of your power of walking out of the program- open door and locked.

Most of the rehab programs are open-door i.e. you will be free to move out of the rehab program whenever you wish. You can also invite your friends or family members to meet you.

The concept of an open door rehab supports the fact that rehab cannot be enforced on an addict. Any rehab program can’t be successful unless you really wish to get rid of the addiction.

The locked rehab programs are, however, very less in number and they don’t allow you to leave the rehab centers at your will.

In fact, locked rehab plans are generally imposed on those who have committed serious crimes as an alternative to imprisonment.

Also, depending on the severity of addiction and availability for rehab, you can choose from among inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab.

The 28-day addiction treatment can be broadly divided into two parts viz. detoxification and rehab.

The first few days go into removing the harmful toxins from the body which may have accumulated due to prolonged abusive use of drugs, alcohol, or any other substance (detoxification).

Detox is compulsory before even thinking of moving to the next step, which is rehabilitation. These are the elements which constitute most of the 28-day rehab programs plan:


While some of the rehab facilities have integrated detox provisions, many others require you to get detoxed from a separate facility that specializes in detoxification even before you can enter their rehab programs.

Wherever you choose to get detoxed, you must clean your system and manage your withdrawal symptoms before your rehabilitation can begin.

Please, note that detox is not treatment.

It is just the first step towards rehab.


Another vital component of a 28-day rehabilitation plan is educating the addict about the substance abuse they were involved in.

Many of the addicts are reluctant to accept that they were doing anything wrong by consuming the substance.

Many others are confused as to whether they should leave the abuse or not.

This education teaches them to admit their problems and helps them foresee the benefits of leading a clean and sober life.

Counseling and group therapy

This part of the rehab program is dedicated to making the addicts aware of the emotions and situations which provoke them towards substance abuse.

Then they are taught ways to cope with them. The counseling is generally given personally by experts and psychologists.

In the group therapy, you will be left to converse with other individuals in the rehab program whose situation is more or less the same as you.

There, you can regain your social skills (long term substance abuse makes many people a kind of an introvert). You will learn to give and seek support from others rather than indulging in drug or alcohol abuse.

Family meetings

Some of the programs include meetings for your friends and family as well. There, they are taught how their actions or behaviors may be contributing to your substance abuse. Also, they will learn ways to support you in your fight against addiction and how to prevent you from relapsing.

Is the 28-day rehabilitation right for you?

There is no standard rule of the thumb to predict the length of rehabilitation for an addict as it depends on a number of factors. If you are a beginner with no severe addiction, then the 28-day rehab programs may be ideal for you.

This may also be preferable if you can’t afford to remain absent from work for months or have other commitments.

However, if you have developed a severe addiction, which has lead to physical degradation of your body, like kidney stones, liver cirrhosis, and other such diseases, then you may need up to 6 or even 12 months for coming out of the rehabilitation program. The wisest way of making the decision is by consulting a rehab facility.

Other treatment length options

Below are other treatment options duration wise.

The twenty-eight-day outpatient and inpatient rehabs center cost

The 28 days treatment cost varies based on so many factors, however, expect to pay anywhere from $6000 upt0 $20000 or more for an inpatient program.

Outpatient cost less and may be ideal for some people. Detox costs also add to the rehab price. The location

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How to choose one

So how do you choose an addiction rehabilitation program such as the twenty-eight-day one?

There are many things you should consider before choosing any addiction program. Below are some of them.

  • Location
  • Staff
  • Facility amenities
  • The type of facility setting ( outpatient or inpatient)
  • Treatment modalities used ( they do use traditional or holistic addiction treatment techniques or a combination of both)
  • Aftercare program and assistance

Does insurance pay for treatment centers programs?

The answer is yes. The law requires insurance companies to cover substance use treatment even if it is an existing condition.

Most insurance companies cover 28-day addiction treatment programs.

The best thing to do is to contact your insurance company or speak with a treatment facility and they can verify the amount that your insurance will cover for your substance use treatment.

Call now to speak with professionals and get help

The professional training and years of experience that the addiction treatment center professionals attained enable them to give you the best advice.

You should schedule a consultation asap to find out if a 28 day rehab program is right for you or a loved one.

Besides wondering if a short term treatment plan like 28 day programs is for you, you should also focus on making sure that the treatment center is accredited.

One or two websites you can check for the accreditation status of a facility you are interested in hiring is The Joint Commission and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Call 866-579-8780 now to be connected with an admission counselor for a  no-obligation consultation.