Drug, Alcohol, Inpatient and Outpatient Detoxification Cost

How much does detox cost for drugs and alcohol? This depends on many things; such as the type of addiction, insurance, the location of the addiction facility, services offered, and a history of attempted recovery.

Comparatively, outpatient detox care is cheaper than inpatient detox care. Although, the effectiveness of inpatient care might make it worth the money spent on it in certain cases.

What Is Detox For Alcohol & Drug?

Detox is a process during which the body processes out the drug or substance it has become used to also called withdrawal. Withdrawal and detox are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference between the two terms.

Withdrawal is the condition and symptoms the body goes through while being detoxed.

Inpatient or residential detox programs provide the patient with all day long medical care. This can be an essential part of the treatment and recovery process for a patient suffering from addiction to a highly addictive drug with fatal or very dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

The downside is, that this kind of treatment can be pretty expensive.

It is to be noted that all health insurance plans sold through the health insurance marketplace must include the substance abuse services in their coverage, per the Affordable Care Act. Although, the extent of the coverage varies depending on the company and plans picked.

Detox Centers Overview

For a person suffering from substance abuse, the first step would be to undergo a physical examination.

This will help determine if any, medical care that will be required during the detox due to physical damage caused by the addiction.

The physician may ask you to undergo various tests in order to come to a definite conclusion.

They might also direct you to other specialists.

There are various databases of medical centers that exist on the internet, for example, SAMHSA offers an online database of licensed addiction treatment centers.

Medically supervised detox programs are important specifically if one is using central nervous system depressants.

NIDA recommends that detox from CNS depressants should only be done with the supervision and approval of a doctor. Alcohol addiction can produce fatal withdrawal symptoms and thus needs a medical detox.

Before one settles for a particular detox program, in order to make sure it is the right one instead of just focusing on detox cost alone, one should ensure that the facility is fully licensed and accredited and the health professionals working there are legitimate.

All treatment centers must be licensed with the state within which they are functioning.

It is considered a good idea to find a center that is accredited through a national organization like; National Committee for Quality Assurance and the Joint Commission. This will ensure that the center has a high standard.

How Much Does Alcohol Detox Cost?

The alcohol detox cost depends on the two types of treatment available, that is, Residential care and Outpatient care.

Inpatient Alcohol Detox Care

This kind of treatment is for people who cannot control their alcohol consumption by themselves. Many people find it hard to not drink alcohol, once addicted to it. In a residential program, the patient lives in a facility temporarily and the patient is in the hands of the professionals completely.

The addiction care services are available to the patient throughout the day in this type of treatment. This is beneficial for patients who are highly addicted. As mentioned earlier, the price for this kind of treatment can be pretty high. One can expect around $600 per day for programs lasting a few weeks.

Families in a very poor financial condition may need to pay less than these amounts but that depends on the particular treatment center, whether they choose to offer that option or not.

Outpatient Alcohol Detox Care

This is the least restrictive type of care and owing to this, it sometimes results in the ineffectiveness of the program. Obviously, this kind of treatment is for people who can handle their temptation to drink by themselves and do have control over themselves. Patients opting for this kind of treatment are not highly addicted ones, in short.

One can expect to pay around $300 per day for this kind of treatment. It can be noted that this is about half of what is being paid for residential care type of treatment.

Ho Much Does Drug Detox Cost?

Like alcohol, the cost of drugs detox is typically determined by the type of center one chooses. That is whether they pick an outpatient or inpatient drug detox center.

In general, the process tends to be similar, for example in both outpatient or inpatient facility, antidepressants are prescribed during drug detox to deal with the symptoms of sadness that often occur.

The cost of drug detox can range from $250 up to $500 a day on average.  And the prices can get to thousands of dollars per day depending on the facility location and amenities etc.

Rapid drug detox is also advertised by some centers as a quick remedy. They advertise quick and painless detoxing, however, it is not exactly safe.

Besides questionable effectiveness, it carries various health hazards, so much so, that a number of individuals have passed away while going through it. The cost of rapid detox can reach up to $10,000.

The best thing that is recommended is to speak with a residential and outpatient drug treatment center and explain your situation so they can help you tailor a detox program for you.

How To Pay For Outpatient And Inpatient Detoxification Cost

When it comes to paying for an alcohol and drug detox program, you have many options.

You can use your insurance to pay for your detox. You can also use healthcare finance and get loans.

What’s Step? Call 866-579-8780 To Find Out How Much Your Detox Will Cost

Regardless of the type of addiction, you may have, you need treatment to get better, especially for substance abuse.

And part of that treatment is getting help from a detox center. Detox is usually the first step in successful substance abuse treatment.

And to seek such an addiction program help you may want to know and have questions such as how much does a detox cost.?

To get some answers and pricing to your particular circumstances, call to speak with an addiction treatment professionals.

Do not let the hefty cost of detox deter you from seeking the addiction treatment that you or a loved one needs to get their life back.

The right detox center can help with you or a loved one feel better and manage addiction.

Updated on May 21st, 2023