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Knowing how much alcohol and drug rehab costs and other addiction treatment prices can help one make an informed decision when it comes to picking an outpatient or inpatient/residential facility program.

When one asks how much does addiction rehab cost for alcohol, drug, and other types of addiction, it probably means that they are ready to get help which is a good thing for him or her.

The addiction treatment cost that you have to bear for your addiction problem can vary by each addiction treatment center.

There are some programs that are completely free while some others may end up costing you as much as thousands of dollars per day.
Keep in mind that there are many factors that determine how much a rehab cost will be for alcohol, drug, and other addictions.

Some of those factors depend on the location of the outpatient or residential/inpatient program that you pick.

How Much Does Addiction Rehab Cost?

Briefly before diving into more details below, keep in mind that the price to get into rehab can range from $3000 to $20000 or more a month or a year in the low or mid-range.

The good news is that most addiction centers are willing to offer financial aid or financing options to help with an outpatient or inpatient rehab cost for alcohol or drugs and other addictions if you do not have insurance.

Most accept private insurance. And few accept Medicaid or Medicare.

Irrespective of what your budget is, you should be able to find a center that will work for you.

There is an opportunity for anyone to find a cure as long as they are able to find out about all the resources they will need for treatment

So do not let the cost of alcohol, drug, and other addiction deter you from getting the help you need.

There are resources out there that can assist you in finding ways that can help you pay for your treatment.

Since most rehabs including alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers accept insurance and other payment options taking control of your life from addiction has become easier.

The first step recommend is that you contact a center immediately to get help. Addiction is not a laughing matter so consulting with experts to get the help you or your loved one need is very important and the first major step toward being substance abuse free.

Be advised that all the prices mentioned are estimates and averages based on our research.

So this article’s goal is to give you a general idea of the prices. Each individual situation and goals are different and each substance abuse treatment facility is different.

So it is best to speak with a rehab center to get a consultation and the particular cost for your treatment.

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Factors that determine how much an addiction rehab costs

There are many factors that determine the cost of your addiction treatment. Some of the factors that will determine your drug or alcohol program costs are:

The type of program offered

The type of addiction that one is facing will normally determine the type of treatment he or she will get which will then make the cost higher or lower.

For example, heroin and alcohol abusers usually go through serious withdrawal episodes which require more medication thus increasing the cost of rehab.

Those who also require more counseling sessions and medications will also see their treatment center cost go up.

The type of addiction program center

Generally, you have outpatient and inpatient addiction treatment centers. Inpatient addiction treatment centers are more expensive than outpatient ones. So if you choose an inpatient treatment center then your cost will be higher.

Length of program

Some people may only need a 28, 30, 60, or 90-day treatment which then determines the cost of their treatment. And others might need a 120-day or 180-day program.

The longer you stay for treatment the more expensive it usually becomes.

The amenity offered by the treatment center

Some treatment center has basic amenities while others have luxury amenities.

Amenities such as swimming pools, luxury rooms, massages, yoga, and the location of the treatment usually increase the cost of the rehab center.

Location of the program

Treatment centers in some states tend to be less expensive than others. Places like California, and New York with a high cost of living tend to have a higher cost of treatment centers.

The average fees for alcohol and drug addiction rehab center programs

The price of rehab typically depends on the length of your treatment and whether you pick an inpatient or outpatient addiction program.

In general, the average cost of a 30- day inpatient treatment can go from $6000 to $30000 depending on the rehab center. Average 60-day inpatient treatment can range from $25000 to $45000 while a 90-day program can run from $35000 to $60000.

The average price you will pay for addiction treatment can also come down to the type of health insurance that you have. Even though generally with the affordable care act mandate, your insurance may cover you for substance abuse, however, the amount of pocket you pay might be higher or lower depending on the type of insurance you have.

At the end of the day, it is better to pick the right addiction recovery facility that is licensed and has a good reputation over just one because of its rehab cost.

One can find databases of treatment centers by visiting the SAMHSA website which offers an online database of addiction centers.

You can also call to be connected with a center at no cost to you.

To get a little more general answer on the question of how much does rehab costs on the average for alcohol, drug, inpatient, and outpatient treatment facilities keep reading.

How much does alcohol rehab cost?

The cost of alcohol rehabilitation programs varies a bit, depending on the kind of services that are required. If you start including the cost of a medical detox program or a residential care facility, then you can expect to be paying between 455-$600 per day.

Partial hospitalization may cost you $350-$450 for each day you spend there and an outpatient alcohol rehab center may cost you $250-$350 per day of a visit.

It is always a good strategy to check with your health insurance company to see if the benefits that are part of your plan cover these services or not, and if they do, then what does the treatment coverage look like.

The issue with drinking develops because of a very complex interplay between the environment, genetics, and opportunity. Sometimes, this development starts so slowly that it becomes very difficult to see the actual progression.

Just one quick drink gets turned into four or five drinks by the time the person goes to bed. A sip that you have dinner becomes a sip with lunch as well.

This is a slow disease but is sure to take away all your money, your relationship, your job, and finally your spirit. So seeking help is very important and do not let the cost of rehab deter you from getting that help to regain your life back.

How much does drug rehab cost?

Drug rehab cost just like alcohol varies widely in price.

The cost can be as little as $6000 a month on the low end, to $12,000 to $30,000 for a middle program, and all the way to $100,000 to $150,000 a month for luxury rehab centers for residential rehabilitation centers.

Just as mentioned there are many factors that affect addiction rehab fees such as the length of the program, the location, the type of treatment needed, amenities offered by the facility, the reputation of the center, etc.

Average residential/inpatient addiction treatment fees

Some of the residential/inpatient rehab costs may range from $6,000 and above for a thirty-day program. The more well-known and luxury rehab centers usually cost as much as $20,000 – $30000 for a thirty-day program.

For those addicts, who are looking for a 60-day or 90-day program, the total average of their costs can range anywhere from $15,000 to $70,000.

Yes, inpatient rehab can get to be very expensive. As per some figures, the average cost for inpatient rehab for addiction in the US hovers around $700-$800 each day. It is not a surprise then that cost is reported as one of the biggest barriers to the treatment of addictions.

The inpatient rehab, however, is not mandated to be that expensive. The kind of price you have to pay to receive an inpatient rehab treatment does depend a lot on the duration you want to be with the program, including your stay, amenities, your funding source, facility, and the kind of coverage you get from your health insurance company.

And yes, there are some ways to bring the costs down.

The costs that are associated with a residential rehab will vary from one center to another. Inpatient addiction treatment costs can be as low as $2,000 to $3000 for a twenty-eight days program.

However, in some of the more expensive places, the prices can go up to $20,000 or even higher. About ten years ago, over a hundred rehabilitation programs went under evaluation as part of a study done for DATCAP (Drug Abuse Treatment Cost Analysis Program). The results of the study were as follows:

Residential or Inpatient programs for adults, which had an average stay of thirteen weeks cost close to $800 which translates to $10,000 per episode of treatment (on a per person and per week basis)
Residential or Inpatient programs for adults having an average stay of about eight weeks had a cost of $1295 per week.

That is a similar cost being just over $10,000 per episode of treatment.
You may be eligible to be able to claim a deduction on the expenses that you may have paid in a given financial year towards medical care that may be related to a residential rehabilitation program.

Even the expenses that are medical in nature (like medications, doctor fees, health insurance premiums, or inpatient treatment) can be counted as tax deductions for you, your spouse, or your dependents.

This can be a little complicated process so it will be best to get the services of a tax expert when you are in the process of working on all you may be able to claim during tax season.

Health insurance companies, in general, look at the treatment of addiction very skeptically. It is unfortunate that coverage of health insurance when it comes to inpatient rehabilitation services tends to vary vastly as you go from one company to another and also varies a lot between different policies.

Many health insurance companies put limits on the number of days of treatments they are going to pay for, or they may put some conditions on the level of treatments that will be covered, or on the costs of the treatment.

Some insurance providers cover only part of the actual cost for a given residential facility for treatment. This may limit treatment options as you will have to pick an inpatient treatment facility that accepts payments through your health insurance provider.

Average outpatient treatment price

Outpatient rehab programs for moderate to mild kinds of addictions are usually cheaper than inpatient rehab generally.

So how much does rehab cost for outpatient treatment programs then?

Many outpatient addiction treatment centers’ fees can range from $2,000 to 7,000 for a short-term treatment program.

Some of the outpatient programs at the expensive facilities can cost all the way up to $10,000 or more. The price really depends on how frequently the addict visits the center and continues the treatment for what length of time.

If you begin to compare costs between many inpatient programs to outpatient programs, then most outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation are really not very expensive.

Relatively speaking, an outpatient rehab program happens to be an excellent option if you are looking for addiction treatment with low costs.

The setting of the outpatient rehab program affects costs in a big way. And though an inpatient rehab center setting does help treat people with severe medical, psychiatric, and use of substance problems, the extra cost of an inpatient rehab center is not always really justified for some people.

If you combine this with the lack of any clear evidence pointing towards the superiority of inpatient rehab centers, it makes the outpatient rehab center more and more attractive to some patients.

There is still too little information that has been currently published on outpatient rehab costs. And although they are typically less expensive than the costs of residential treatment programs, intensive and high-quality outpatient rehab programs are not cheap.

But the best way to help yourself make a decision about this and see the value of any rehab center, start by comparing the cost of the rehab with the cost that you are going to bear if you continue your substance abuse. A cost that is far more than just being financial: it is both relational, socially, and spiritually costly.

Addiction detox affects the cost too

If part of your treatment plan includes a detox then there will be an increase in your addiction recovery services price. Most substance abuse treatment includes an addiction detoxification plan as the first step to starting a treatment program.

So it is likely that an addiction detox fee will be part of the other costs for your treatment.

And that detoxification cost will also depend on the duration of your addiction detox which could take 3, 5, 7, 10 days, or more.

There is also the rapid detox that is done in a clinical setting and is really expensive.

Also, methadone or non-methadone treatment affects the cost. So depending on the type of detox and duration, your drug or alcohol addiction treatment price will be higher compared to someone who doesn’t need a detox.

The cost of not seeking professional rehab for addiction problems

Worrying so much about the cost of your treatment is not the best way to approach your abuse issues. It is important to keep in mind that it costs you more if you or your loved one do not get help. Without getting the help you need, you can:

  • Lose your job
  • Lose parental rights if you have underage kids
  • Lose professional license
  • Get a divorce from a partner
  • Lose friends and family members
  • Get into financial issues

Insurance, financial aid, and financing may cover your substance abuse treatment

Rehab fees are expensive.

The good news is that most insurance will cover most or part of the treatment depending on the policy that you have and the provider.

You have the option of using private, government, and military insurance to pay for your recovery services. Medicaid and Medicare are also other options that can cover your addiction treatment.

Some drug & alcohol addiction treatment centers offer financial aid and finance options to help with paying for all or some of your treatment too.

There are also grants and loans that can also help with your treatment fees.

The challenge sometimes is finding a facility that will accept all or most of the above-mentioned options so you are encouraged to call different treatment facilities as they will be able to let you know which type of insurance they will accept.

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You may be able to deduct your treatment cost

According to the IRS, you may be able to deduct your residential care costs for alcohol or drug treatment.

So if insurance pays some of the fees and you have to finance or take loans to pay the rest, you may be able to deduct that from your tax.

Of course, you should speak to your tax professional for more details and guidance on how it works and your options.

Next step? Call To Get Free Addiction Treatment Consult

Still wanna know how much rehab cost? You need to schedule your consultation by calling the number on the site to be connected with a treatment facility.

So call now to be connected with a professional who can answer your questions and advise you on how much your rehab cost will be for your specific situation.

Updated on May 21st, 2023