Inpatient rehabs near me

How do I find an inpatient rehab near me and is it the best option for me?

When you get down to considering the options you have for treatment of any addiction including drug, sex, food, and alcohol abuse, you may find yourself asking yourself, should I pick an inpatient rehab near me or far away.?

You may be able to find a large variety of offerings and programs for treatment that are near you or far away.

A lot of factors, including your work, social life/circle, family, marital status, medical history, past addiction treatment history, frequency and the length of addiction will dictate what forms of treatment may best fit your needs.

Sometimes, if the signs that warn you of alcoholism or drug abuse are caught very early, an outpatient facility may work for you too.

However, if you have been struggling with your addiction for many years, then an inpatient facility near you or far away for alcohol or drug treatment or any other type of addiction may provide you with the best option for recovery.

You shouldn’t be ashamed to get help.

There are others like you going through the same substance use issues.

According to the National Institutes of Health of the Department of Health & Human Services, drug use disorder is common and more than 23 million Americans have struggled with drug use problems.

What is inpatient rehab?

So, you asked people what is the best inpatient rehab near me and you were able to find it. However, you should first understand what a residential or inpatient rehab really means and what they do.

Someone people just hear that this type of facilities are good but never taken the time to understand them better

Inpatient or residential rehabilitation is probably one of the most commonly used ways of treating drug, alcohol, and behavioral abuse or addiction. It consists of you checking into a rehabilitation center and living in there for the entire duration while you are under treatment.

You will have medical professionals and other specialists accessible to you for twenty-four hours a day, which is going to allow you to take rest easily knowing the whole time that help is just around the corner.

In addition to this, all inpatient rehab have a predefined schedule which for example contains breakfast at a predefined time in the morning, which are followed by activities, therapies and counseling sessions for the rest of the day.

Anyone who is suffering from a problem of addiction can get help from an inpatient rehabilitation facility near them or far away.

However, just know that this type of clinic has zero-tolerance policies and you have to abide by the rules and schedules for the program.

So how long does inpatient rehabilitation take?

The periodicity of time that a person may need to spend in an inpatient rehabilitation really varies from person to person.

Typically, the shortest duration time for a treatment facility is at least 30 days. However, some of the individuals need to stay longer and some may even stay on for several months. Then, there is some other inpatient care that may even allow you to go through their detox process (in the case of substance abuse) at the site and then let you switch to another outpatient or residential facility after that.

Individuals who have less severe manifestations of addiction may want to choose a shorter period of time for the inpatient program just so that they can avoid any triggers and/or save money.

After they have completed the rehab, they can still continue maintaining their recovery by the virtue of keeping on attending the support groups that they find locally, like Al-Anon and Alcoholics Anonymous for alcoholics, or continue their meetings with a trained counselor.

All in all, instead of just considering whether an inpatient rehab near me or far is better, consider the duration that you need for which can help in determining your question.

Which one should I choose? inpatient rehabs near me or far away? advantage and disadvantages

When one decides to get help for their addictions and they decide that an inpatient rehab clinic is what they need, one of the questions that he or she may have is mentioned above is whether to go to a local clinic or far away(another metro, state, or country).

Like most things in life, there are advantages and disadvantages to whichever one chooses.

The primary advantage of rehabs nearby for most people being closer to family and work.

There is also the advantage of being able to go to aftercare sessions easily.

One of the biggest disadvantages of picking a residential facility close by is that you might be closer to temptation and bad influences that started your addiction in the first place.

Also, you may take location over quality by just focusing on how close an addiction clinic is to one, he or she might miss out on better quality programs that could have provided them with better results.

Far Away Clinics:

When you go to rehab far away,  you are changing your environment and will not know all the bars, drug dealers, addict social circles, and social events that will make it easier to relapse.

The biggest disadvantage of a faraway facility is that one might not be able to have family visits as often as they might like which may take a toll on some people.

How do I find residential rehabs near me?

Finding the right residential or inpatient rehab for you or your loved one can be a stressful task as there are so many near you and far away. Here are ways to find an alcohol or drug inpatient rehab near you:

  • Search on search engines like google or bing
  • Ask friends or family members
  • Search on Yelp and read a review for inpatient treatment clinics
  • Ask your doctor for recommendations
  • Search for facilities directly on organization websites such as the SAMHSA or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities et cetera.

Any of the above resources should be able to help one when he or she searches for inpatient rehab near me.

It takes a lot of commitment

Whether you pick a residential rehab clinic near you or far away, it does take a huge amount of commitment so that you do not end up falling back into the old habits once you are ready to get back into your daily routine with all the stresses and the challenges coming back into your life.

The treatment may also take longer for the ones who have been suffering from extended years of addiction.

This happens because of the effects that addictions such as drugs and alcohol have had on the various part of the addict’s body. The parts of the brain that lived up to the heavy drinking or drug use start to restructure and rewire the brain in the same old way.

This also slowly starts to affect the other major parts of the body like the liver, lungs, and heart. Even after you have given up on substance abuse, it will take some time for your body before it can get back to its normal state.

So in order to get back to normal life, you need to be or stay committed during and after your treatment. Staying away from your bad social circle, friends, and activities that lead to your addiction usually helps in staying committed.

Going to after treatment program activities recommended by your rehab center should also be followed. Staying committed is a long term goal that requires patience, consistency, and determination. All in all, whether you pick an inpatient rehab near you or far, commitment is the key.

What’s the typical charge for inpatient treatment programs for addictions

Inpatient treatment cost varies from location to location and from center to center. The duration of your program will also determine your cost.

The truth is that there is no set price for a residential rehab facility. With that said typically for a one-month private facility program, the price can start from $7000 to $30,000.

If you are dealing with a drug use problem or alcoholism and you are looking to check into a specialized treatment clinic, the best way to know cost is to call a few facilities for a free consultation.

Residential rehabs near me: Will insurance cover my treatment

The answer is mostly yes. Most insurance will fully cover residential rehabilitation near you or far away for 28-days or 30-days of treatment.

For a longer period in treatment, some insurers may only cover some of the costs.

Some healthcare providers

What other options besides insurance can I use to pay for treatment

If do not have an insurance or the one you have will not fully cover your residential rehab, you have some options to use to pay such as:

  • Payment plans offered by treatment centers
  • Healthcare financing
  • Bank loans
  • Borrow from friends
  • Seek help
  • Financial aids, grants, and scholarships from treatment centers, non-profits, and the government
  • Use crowdfunding platforms like Gofundme

You have many options to get the finances that you need to get the help you need for inpatient rehab near you or anywhere else in the country.

Contact a residential rehabilitation center for consultation

Whether you are searching for an inpatient rehab near me or far away you need to focus on the quality of a treatment facility program. And in order to do that, you need to weigh your options.

And part of weighing your options should be to speak with an addiction center and professionals who can answer your questions.

To speak to someone on this important issue call to be connected now for a free consultation at 866-579-8780.