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What is Opiate Addiction And How Can An Opioid Treatment Center & Detox Program Help With Withdrawals?

Opiate rehab centers provide addiction treatment services that is focused on helping those addicted to opioids to get better. Currently, there is an opioid epidemic in the U.S. It is a dangerous drug to be addicted to. Opiate has a tendency to develop the symptoms of withdrawal. These symptoms can cause adverse effects in the patient’s right after the first dose. These symptoms are known to have long term effects. The effects may not be severe but they can become a matter of concern and this is why you need to contact and seek an opiate addiction treatment program help 

Opiate Withdrawal Treatment Options

To treat the opiate withdrawal there are usually the treatments that are mentioned below:

> Relapse prevention therapies

> Medicinal treatments

> Behavioral therapies

Medicines such as methadone and buprenorphine are known to be used for the treatment of the opiate withdrawal. Buprenorphine is rather new in this field, but it has proven to show less signs of addiction. Whereas methadone on the other hand being a synthetic opiate works as a barrier between the effects of opiate and the brain resulting in successful treatments of opiate addicts.  Discuss these options when you speak with an opiate rehab center.

Opiate Withdrawal Rehab Center Options

  •  Non-medicated inpatient treatment

As the name suggests, this opiate addiction treatment doesn’t involve any use of medicines. This treatment focuses more on keeping the patients off drugs so that they don’t get addicted to drugs used for detox in the future. This type of treatment is rather rare, but effective.

  • Medicated inpatient treatment

This medical treatment includes the use of medicines. These medicines have proven to decrease the symptoms of opiate withdrawal in patients. They basically block the effects of opiate in the addicts.

There are many medications available in order to treat the withdrawal symptoms in addicts, but these medications have different purpose and effect towards the opiate.

It is about choosing the right med for the addict. Some of these medications can go on for months and even years, which can get risky at times so doctor’s prescription and advice is must in these cases. These medications might take time to treat, but they have proven to impact the addict’s life in the long-term.

  • Medicated outpatient treatment

The outpatient settings for opiate addicts can be both convenient and flexible. Naltrexone, which is used for blocking the effect of opiate has a high success rate in medicines. Outpatients are known to be extremely benefited with these settings. These are different outpatient settings provided by the clinics, according to the needs of the patient.

Benefits of Opiate Withdrawal Detox Programs & Treatments

Opiate rehab centers are extremely beneficial for those going through opiate withdrawals and addiction. Usually these opiate residential & inpatient treatment centers are known for their incorporative approach towards treating the addiction. There are many treatment strategies that usually start with the detox. The therapy’s that are given can be individual or in groups. 

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Do do not take opiate addiction lightly. Call us to be connected for detox information and treatment program options. Let an opiate rehab center help you

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