Outpatient Rehabs Near Me

Is an outpatient rehabilitation program near me really beneficial than a faraway one?

When one searches for outpatient rehabs near me it is probably a sign that he or she is ready to enter into rehabilitation to get help for their addiction(s).

Well, the reality is that the right outpatient rehab centers near you or far that offers a partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient program can help when you are drowning and looking for a helping hand for your addiction.

Anyone suffering from addiction and go searching for “outpatient rehabs near me” is already on the right track to regain their life back.

You see, beating addiction is really really hard, you have tried a lot by yourself but always ended up with the same addiction somehow. You wish you can stop, but it has remained an elusive dream.

You wake up every morning promising yourself, you will not use today and still, you find yourself there involuntarily.

Then you promise yourself again that this will be your last but the pattern just keeps on repeating and everybody including you, your friends, and your family are at their wit’s end about how to pull you out? Enter rehab centers.

So you decided that outpatient care might be for you and you go online searching for outpatient rehabs near me to learn more about this type of addiction treatment facility program.

In this article, we will give you some basic information about outpatient addiction care centers and whether picking one near you vs far is better for you.

This information might help you make the right decision.

So what is outpatient rehab?

If you are seriously looking for addiction help while staying at your home or with your family or friends, then outpatient rehabs near you might be right for you.

Whatever your choices are, one of the first steps is to understand what outpatient rehabilitation is.

Outpatient rehabs offer its patients seeking help for alcohol, drug, sex, gambling, food, pornography, video game, internet, and shopping addiction, etc, sessions which may be scheduled at different times throughout the whole week and they can come from their home or work to the sessions.

They are different from residential rehabs where one checks in at a facility and everything is done at that facility

The schedule at an outpatient care is set up in such a way so that it allows the patients to continue on with their normal responsibilities and also continue to live at home, though they do need to check into the treatment facility at their own allocated times to go over counseling sessions, medication, and other rehabilitation programs.

Types of outpatient rehabs

Whether you decide to check into an outpatient rehabilitation program near you or not, you need to understand the different types to help you make a better-informed decision.

Day or partial hospitalization rehab program (PHP)

The partial hospitalization program for drug and alcohol addiction is also referred to as a day treatment program. This program is an intense outpatient program that a patient can go to the recovery facility for about 5 to 7 days a week.

Patients typically spend about 7 to 10 hours at each session. It oftentimes considered as a form of an inpatient since the services and intensity mirror that of inpatient programs with the exception that the patient doesn’t sleep at the facility.

The patient goes home after each treatment session.

Intensive outpatient addiction treatment program(IOP)

This program is a lesser intense outpatient program and cheaper cost wise than the PHP above. This program is usually for people that do not need substance abuse medical detox or daily supervision like in an inpatient addiction recovery program.

The program is set up so that the patient can usually come in two(2) to four(4) times a week and can range between 3 to 4 hours per session. The sessions are mostly done in group settings with some individual sessions possible.

It is an extremely flexible program where patients have the options go in the morning, afternoon or evening depending on their schedule.

It is a great program in helping people transition from inpatient care too.


This program as the name states allow one to transition from an inpatient or the other outpatient programs smoothly. One gets to go in about once a week for an hour or two.

Recovery residencies

Recovery residences also known as sober housing is another program suitable for people like opiate addicts who might need extra support during an outpatient care program.

The advantage and disadvantages

Going to outpatient rehabs near you might sound good because it comes with some disadvantage that is not worth the risk.

Most people pick this type of program because they can be closer to their job or home with their marital partner, parents, friends,  kids, and other responsibilities etc.

Maybe you do not want people knowing that you have an addiction problem by going to an inpatient one where your absence will raise questions.

With this program, you will also save money as they not as expensive as residential care programs. And if you pick a program close by, you will also save more money as you won’t be driving far, etc.

Those are all good but the thing is that those can also the disadvantage.

When you pick a rehab program that you came go to from your home, especially, one near you, you run the risk of not taking the treatment program serious and successful finishing it.

You see, this type of addiction treatment program allows you to be closer to your dealer(s)( in the case of drug addiction), social circles, and familiar bars/clubs(in the case of alcohol addiction) who might sabotage your addiction-free efforts.

We love our family and friends but they also come with dramas. So when you in an outpatient rehabilitation those extra dramas is really not what you need when you are paying thousands trying to be sober or take control of your addictions.

So finding the right outpatient rehabs near you may be important in your addiction recovery. However, do not just focus on rehab centers nearby but rather focus on the right ones that will help you achieve your addiction-free goals.

I still want an outpatient rehab near me, now what?

Once you have found and called any of the outpatient rehab centers near you, the next step for you to do is visit the facility and meet up with a pre-admission counselor.

They will take down your life history and addiction problems. This also is a good time to check if they take insurance, so you can have your health insurance cover most, if not all the expenses related to your rehabilitation facility costs.

Also, ask about in-house payment plans and if they accept financing like care credit, etc.

Also, check on the times you will have to come in to make sure it works with your work schedule or if you can make it work with adjustments to the program schedule.

You may want to visit more than one facility to see which one you like better. Besides searching on search engines like google you can find a list of treatment centers at SAMHSA website here too.

Try and ask for any references if they can provide for many people they have successfully been able to help.

Check to see if they are accredited too. And you can also look on this website for some of the accredited facilities by Joint Commission Accreditation.

The various treatment services of the program

Outpatient rehab centers come in a lot of different formats, and they differ in their level of intensity and they all offer a variety of services – the general theme, though stays focused primarily on counseling, providing for a network of support and providing education around alcohol and drug abuses and other addiction.

One of the main themes is a question-answer round where the counselor picks a topic of the day and everyone in the group is asked to write down the responses and then later share with the group as to what they thought of the question.

Counseling programs

Outpatient rehab facilities have counseling as a central piece around which the whole program revolves. There are periodic group and one on one counseling sessions that are conducted with the patients.

The individual sessions are good opportunities for the patient to say things about themselves or what they are feeling, which they sometimes cannot or do not want to share in a group setting.

The counselors do not share this part of the conversations with anyone and are part of the private talks that happen between the counselor and the patient.

This is also an opportunity for the counselor to judge how far along with the program the patient has come or if some adjustments need to be made.

Family counseling sessions

Outpatient rehabs also have a counseling session where the spouse or other members of the family may be invited for group counseling or group therapy sessions.

This is an opportunity for the patient to open up with their spouse or family about the progress they have been making in their program and seek support from their loved ones.


An outpatient rehabilitation program near you or far away can be short or long. The common short term programs are 28 or 30 days, while the long term ones are the 60, 90, 120 and 180 days.

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The right treatment program for you might not be close to you as you want.

So do not just focus on searching for outpatient rehabs near me but be open-minded and willing to expand your search to other places which might help you find the right treatment facility for you or a loved one.

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