Drug Rehab Centers: Outpatient And Inpatient Treatment Facilities

 An outpatient or inpatient drug rehabilitation centers programs can make a huge difference in your substance abuse recovery journey. 

The truth is that drug rehab centers services are in high demands these days because of the drug epidemics going in the country.

There is all type of drug rehabilitation facilities and drug detox programs all over the country helping addicts get well and live a happier life for themselves and their family.

The path to any addicts recovery is to make sure that they choose the right experienced outpatient or inpatient drug rehab center services to ensure the best results.

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What is drug addiction?

Drug rehab is the treatment of drug addictions through medication or psychotherapy programs. When people contact or seek help for their psychoactive substances abuse, drug rehab centers or facilities can help them recover from their drug addictions through various addiction treatment programs.

What is a drug addiction? Drug addiction is a state or condition in which due to the influence of any particular drug consumption on almost a regular basis, the victim fails to refrain himself or herself from the habit of consumption and this results into associated illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and other related issues.

When people get addicted usually, drug-intake is based on experimentation, a prolonged effect of which leads to addiction or abuse after which the patient is unable to avoid that drug intake and considers it as a vital part of his or her life.

This is why seeking the help of an inpatient or outpatient drug rehabilitation center or drug detox program for your addiction is very important.

As a result of drug abuse, the patients put their each and every resource on a stake to obtain the drug. This can lead to adverse effects on the human being as well as society.

Subsequent changes are being observed in the patient due to the fact that drugs have a certain effect on the brain, which stays comparatively longer and prolonged use can lead to mood disorders, memory loss and much more. 

Treatment options provided at drug rehab centers 

For any drug addict, initially, it is difficult to self-realize the problem. In this era, there are plenty of outpatient & inpatient drug rehabilitation programs offering different drug treatment options which can ensure the recovery of the patients suffering from substance abuse.

Here are some of the addiction treatment options available to drug addicts :

     As the name suggests, this treatment option ensures that the particular drug is completely withdrawn out of one’s system along with the removal of the symptoms.

Detoxification also involves prescribed medication and this treatment is being continued until the patient is completely out of the addiction. You also will have the option to the duration of the program.

So there are 3 days, 5 days, and 7 days drug detox programs available for one to choose. Also, keep in mind that the duration you pick will also determine your drug detoxification cost.

  • Drug Rehabilitation:

At drug abuse recovery clinics, one has the option of picking short term drug addiction programs such as 28-day or 30-day rehabilitation program.

Or a long term drug addiction programs which are normally called 60-day or 90-day rehabilitation.

Treatment facilities typically guide their patients on which program to pick based on factors such as the severity of the addiction and financial capability of the patient (For example, 28-day drug rehabilitation programs are less expensive than 60-day and 90-day programs) etc.

Drug rehab centers are perhaps the best option for combating drug abuse or addiction.

They provide support based on the needs of the customer and help them with every resource possible to ensure a quick recovery.

This idea of observed drug addiction medication and support is highly beneficial to the patients.

  • Drug Therapy:

     Therapies are performed on different individuals based on the addictions they are experiencing. These therapies include Biofeedback therapy, which involves the analysis of involuntary actions and then the counseling is done according to that. Other popular therapies include Dialectical as well as Cognitive Behavior therapy, Experiential therapy, Holistic therapy, Psycho-dynamic therapy as well as Motivational Enhancement therapy. These therapies are designed in a proper manner to ensure a prompt reaction.

  • Drug Addiction Support Groups:

      This is a segment in which the drug abuse patients join after their immediate recovery in a rehab facility. The support groups ensure that the patient does not involve again in the same addiction and his or her condition is gradually improved with the course of time.

Types of drug rehab centers 

If we consider the drug rehab centers specifically, the authorities have designed two primary types of drug rehabilitation facilities which are discussed below in details:

  • Residential/Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers:

Inpatient drug rehab centers are made for patients who suffer from chronic addiction. These patients are being provided with absolute care and medication throughout 24 hours of a day to ensure prompt recovery. This type of rehab facilities is successful because they are generally crime-free and drug-free.  They offer all kinds of in-house programs that make it easy for an addict to follow through with the program steps since everything is housed in the same facility.

One other powerful benefits of residential drug abuse treatment facilities for some people are the so-called therapeutic communities (click to learn more about it).

  • Outpatient Drug Rehab Centers:

     In these types of drug rehab centers, the patients are not kept in the rehab for more than a few hours for the treatment purpose. The patients are allowed to stay in their home and perform their daily life activities.

Benefits of drug treatment facilities programs

There are many benefits of drug rehabs/treatment facilities and drug detox centers. Most of these drug abuse treatment clinics provide exceptional and proven treatment programs.

In each and every step of the drug addiction treatment, the ultimate goal should be to ensure that the welfare of the patient is the subject of concern.

In rehabilitation centers, the sort of care and observed medication which is being provided is exceptional and helps in recovery from drug abuse conditions. They have many programs that will help you recover from your addiction faster.

A drug rehab center provides a stable, strict, and safe environment that allows drug addicts that is likely to lead to better drug treatment success.

These facilities provide exception counselors with experience in helping people like you. You will also get peer support from other addicts at these drug addiction treatment facilities.

How much does drug rehab cost?

One of the questions that linger in peoples mind is the cost of drug rehab and how to afford it. The reality is that drug rehab cost a lot of money.

Especially for inpatient treatment centers. It is quite obvious that when a patient is kept under intensive care, a particularly large sum of money needs to be paid.

Inpatient drug rehab center treatment cost:

An inpatient or residential drug rehabilitation center may be defined as the center where a patient is kept for a certain amount of time, during which he or she will be receiving all sorts of therapy as well as proper support.

These programs can be as long as a year plan or even it may be a month program which is decided by analyzing the condition of the patient who is involved.

Some of these inpatient rehab centers are progressing with the approach of teamwork, this means at a time, a lot of patients are being treated in a group and this mechanism ensures their quick recovery.

With so many staff, programs, and activities at this type of treatment facilities, it makes sense that the rehab cost will be high. 

     Usually, the following benefits are being provided by an inpatient drug rehab center:

  1. Decent rooms for accommodation
  2. A special approach to teamwork which is prevalent in many inpatient rehab centers
  3. Constant support and services to the patient in terms of therapy, counseling and much more
  4. Proper educational approach for the patient as well as his or her family
  5. Great food options
  6. Great location
  7. Excellent amenities like gym, golf, and movie center etc

When the concept of therapy is considered, there are a lot of therapies which fall under this domain, such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, recreational therapy, physical therapy, etc.

Depending on the range of the services and amenities provided, various inpatient rehabs charge accordingly.

According to various surveys, the average inpatient drug rehab center may charge around $6000 for a one month program, but if renowned centers are being considered, the expenses may be around $20,000 for the same time period.

For the patients who are aiming to receive a one-year long treatment, the expenses may rise up to $60,000 on an average.

But before choosing any type of addiction treatment program, one should research its pros and cons in a proper manner besides just cost.

What types of payment options do drug rehabilitation centers accept?

One of the questions people ask when they are making the decision to seek drug addiction treatment help is how much do drug rehab centers cost. People also would like to know if the facilities accept insurance or financing option as the cost of drug abuse treatment is expensive.

The good news is that most outpatient and inpatient drug rehab centers accept both HMO or PPO health insurance. Blue Cross, Cigna, United Healthcare, Blue Shield, and Aetna are the major health insurance providers that most people have. Most substance abuse treatment facilities work with these companies.

For those who do not have insurance, some drug rehabilitation center provides in house payment plans and financing options such as care credit.

Do not let not having money deter you from seeking treatment and taking back your life.

Contact drug rehab centers to speak with them about the different payment options available to you.

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Drug addiction is a common but difficult illness to deal with and an inpatient or outpatient drug rehab centers are specially designed to ensure that recovery occurs in an exponential manner.

So, one should rely on these addiction treatment centers services in order to experience a better future life from drug addiction.

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