60 Day Rehab Programs For Alcohol & Drug Addiction: Inpatient/Residential and Outpatient Treatment

With the right outpatient or inpatient drug and alcohol 60 day rehab programs on your side, you or loved one can get the addiction treatment  deserved

Some people may need an outpatient or inpatient 60 day rehab program for alcohol and drug abuse while others may need shorter or longer programs. This is because getting rid of an addiction headache isn’t a walk in the park. And customizing a treatment solution base on the patient history and the specific situation is the way to tackle which program to enroll in.

So for some people, the outpatient or inpatient drug or alcohol 60-day rehab programs are here to take the headache out of substance abuse rehabilitation. Better execution will save one from a throbbing head of constant addiction. And the right implementation of 60-day rehabs can help one experience life without drug or alcohol abuse.

So what is rehabilitation?

Drug or alcohol rehabilitation is the process of psychotherapeutic or medical treatment for habits of reliance on psychoactive products such as alcohol, drugs, like street drugs such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine or amphetamines etc.

As magical as the process of substance abuse treatment programs such as the 60-day rehab may seem to be, this isn’t the case in reality.

Many choices must be made on the part of the individual, his or her family, and friends when it comes to addiction treatment. Patience, too, plays a larger part, throughout the execution of the programs. Although the efforts may seem tiring and harsh at the moment, the results will surely be rewarding in the end.

When a person gets into a habit of alcohol intake, it becomes almost impossible to get rid of it. As a result, the person’s family, friends and the whole community have to pay a price and suffer. This is why addiction disease is considered to be one of the most harmful in nature, and one needs to part ways with it as soon as possible by getting treated. However, there is no need to fear the process of recovering from it.

Benefits of rehab

  • Addiction free: A success rehab can help one be substance abuse free
  • Controlling relapse: A success treatment can help one control the severity or frequency of relapse
  • Help one reduce substance abuse even if they never become addiction free
  • Maximize their life functions

How an alcohol and drug 60-day rehab program plan generally work

No imprisonment of any kind, yes, it is true. Many people often believe rehab means being held captive until the program is done with, especially on long term programs such as the alcohol and drug 60-day ones. However, this is not the case. There are no locks whatsoever locking the doors in place. One is free to move out any time they wish. Although the consequences may dawn on you later, you can choose to walk out.
The sole reason behind these actions is that unless and until an individual is willing to fight against the addiction, they cannot fully recover. Hence, will plays a major role in the recovery of a patient.

Entering into 60 day rehab programs for alcohol and drug addiction knowing full well that you will still submit to the substance abuse is just another way of whiling away your money and time.

Anyway, it will be good to understand how these rehab programs work so you can have an idea and get prepared mentally before checking into one. Below are some of the steps of how these programs work.

Getting started with detox

Before entering into their respective facilities, some patients are expected to start their treatment first by undergoing a detoxification program. To put it simply, one needs to get sober and clean before entering into and going ahead with drug and alcohol 60 day rehabilitation programs.
Today’s trend expects the people to get through the process of withdrawal at the facility specializing in taking care of alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms. This process occurs on a short term, taking about 3 to 7 days roughly.

The facilities provided(Outpatient and inpatient 60 day rehab programs)

Based on one need and the severity of their substance abuse and addiction, one can undergo their treatment at an inpatient/residential or outpatient care facility. The residential treatment facility is usually recommended because at these facilities you are watched and cared for 24 7 by addiction rehab professionals. Because of this constant monitoring, being at these facilities can help some people follow through with their 60 day rehab or other programs.

Some people may not have the fund(the inpatient treatment centers are usually more expensive than an outpatient because at these facilities you will get fed and provided other amenities) or their work may not allow them to enroll into a residential facility then an outpatient 60 days rehab programs is an option. With an outpatient program, you can handle your daily business and then go to your treatment in the evening or weekend etc.


One thing that you will take away from the rehab and treatment programs is learning. This includes the realization of looking back at your current situation from a more realistic perspective and alter your attitude towards alcohol and drug intake.
However, in the initial stages of recovering, most of the addicts tend to still be in denial about the criticalness of the problem that they are clasping on to.

The alcohol and drug 60-day treatment programs help in breaking through this denial and conflict that the individual is going through at the moment, to help them lead a sober and clean life ahead.

To sum it up, you will be made to understand the nature of addiction and alcoholism, the effects caused by them on to your body as well as their dynamics and consequences brought by them if the usage is continued.

Group therapy and counseling

In the course of one’s rehab, they will receive counseling on an individual level by an experienced counselor in the field. Generally, these programs may also ask for one’s participation in meetings held for group therapy along with others in the facility.
All of these sessions are formulated for the purpose of imparting the skills that are required for leading a life free of drug and alcohol addiction to the individuals.

They will discover and learn to recognize the situations where they will be most presumably drink or use drugs, etc. along with how to avoid such circumstances in the near future. In this way, the individuals learn how to cope with these circumstances in addition to learning to seek help from those around them. These meetings may last for 12 sessions or less or more.

Well-conducted group therapies have proven to be beneficial in substance abuse treatment and control.

Is a 60 day rehab for alcohol and drug treatment right for you?

If you are taking rehab into account, then you may be finding yourself riddled with a lot of queries about whether to pick a 60-day alcohol or drug rehab program or other longer or shorter ones. Apart from the costs required, insurance coverage, assessment needs for the treatment, the insurance coverage, etc. you need not worry because getting help for your treatment is worth all the money.

You should give yourself enough time

You may be wondering about how long you really need to commit to this rehab, there is no definite answer to this. However, one should bear in mind that the length of the program is quite crucial for some people and can be one of the indicators of a treatment quality for others.

The best thing is to call and speak with a rehab facility to get a consultation and hear what your options are based on your unique addiction situation. So call 866-579-8780 now to learn more and speak to an addiction treatment center about outpatient and inpatient 60 day rehab programs for alcohol or drug treatment.


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