Kleptomania Treatment Centers: Inpatient And Outpatient

Kleptomania treatment centers can help you or a loved if you or they have the disorder that makes it impossible to resist from stealing.

The right kleptomania treatment center can offer you or a loved one the best treatment services that can minimize the stealing urge so that you or they can live a free life and without any shame.

One of the first steps in finding the right rehab facility is to perhaps speak to your doctor so that you can be referred to a professional or facility.

Kleptomania Treatment Overview

Most of the people who have kleptomania disorder end up living in secret and in great shame. This is because the issue is not easy to talk about and they could be stigmatized in society.

Such persons are afraid to look for help, which is very necessary. This mental disorder can be treated using talk therapy, also called psychotherapy or with medication. This can help to end the compulsive stealing cycle.

One should not be ashamed of this disorder and to seek kleptomania treatment centers help.

What is Kleptomania?

Kleptomania is a recurrent inability to actually resist stealing urges. Usually, the items that a kleptomaniac steals are not things that he or she even needs and sometimes they can have very little value.

There is a lot of debate in the medical community on whether it is a mental disorder or just a defiant behavior. Checkout this interesting research on the topic.

The disorder is quite rare, but it can also be very serious.  The disorder can cause a lot of emotional pain to the people around you, especially if it is not treated in time.

This impulse control disorder is characterized by issues that involve behavioral and emotional self-control. When you have the disorder, then it becomes very hard to resist the drive or temptation to do things that are harmful to somebody else.

The causes of the disorder are not well known, although there can be a genetic component involved. This means that relatives of the first degree may transmit it.

In addition, there is a propensity that shows kleptomania can coexist with clinical depression, bulimia nervosa, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Kleptomania Health Implications

If the disorder is connected to other medical conditions, then the health implications will be similar. If the disorder comes about because of substance abuse, then the implications will be those associated with the drug in question.

The main issue with kleptomania is how society perceives stealing. You could get bodily harm if you are caught and it is possible that you could even lose your life in the process.

This is why you need help from kleptomania treatment centers to help address this ass son ass possible.

People do not treat theft lightly and they may not be aware that you are dealing with a disorder in the first place.


There are symptoms that are associated with the disorder and they include:

  • Feeling a great urge that leads to repeating the cycle
  • Feeling shame, self-loathing, remorse, guilt and fearing arrest once you have stolen’
  • Feeling gratification, relief and even pleasure as you steal
  • Feeling  an increase in anxiety, tension, and arousal that leads to theft
  • The powerful inability to actually resist the urges to steal things that you do not even need

You need to know that, people with the disorder do not steal to have a personal gain, for a dare, rebellion, or revenge.

They do it because the urge to do so is too powerful and they cannot resist.

The episodes happen in a spontaneous way and without any collaboration or planning. Sometimes the items are stashed away, given out to loved ones, or returned to where they were stolen.

Residential/Inpatient Kleptomania Treatment Programs

Kleptomania can be treated on an inpatient or residential care basis. In such a case, the person has to stay within the facility where the different treatments can be administered.

If there are any other issues like substance abuse, mental disorders, or even medical issues, they will be addressed. Inpatient kleptomania treatment centers make sure that the person is monitored 24/7.

Different therapies can be applied in accordance with the issue at hand. The patient will have access to group therapies, peer support, and other amenities.

Outpatient Kleptomania Treatment Programs

The same programs offered at the residential facilities can also be offered at outpatient care especially when the person has responsibilities that they need to attend to.

The difference when one is in the outpatient program is that they have to go from their home to the facility at a scheduled time. And they will also miss out on some luxury amenities that inpatient facilities have and the 24/7 monitoring.

Whether one picks an inpatient or outpatient kleptomania treatment center, both can be a successful treatment option, especially if the patient is willing to change.

Payment Options For Your Rehab 

Kleptomania is a mental disorder and so the options for payment are pretty much the same as a normal mental issue and other rehab issues.

Most kleptomania treatment centers accept private health insurance, in-house payment plans, and financing for care credit etc. This means that you can select the option that you feel will work best for you.

Next Step? Contact A Rehab Center To Get Help

When you realize that you or a loved one has kleptomania, it is important to get them help as soon as possible form the many kleptomania treatment centers around.

Evaluating the issue and getting the necessary attention by the right kleptomania treatment center is the only way to handle the issue.

So call the number to schedule a free consultation with a professional today to get the help you or a loved one deserves.  

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