California Rehab Centers & Detox Facilities for Alcohol and Drug Addiction: Inpatient vs Outpatient Treatment Programs Overview

Learn about substance use disorders treatment centers in CA and rehabilitation options available to you and a loved one

When dealing with substance use disorders in the state, one of the best ways to treat it is to check into one of the best California rehab centers.

The right California rehab center can help those struggling with alcohol or drug use disorder manage their substance use problems better. And even get cured.

So what is a California addiction rehabilitation?

A California Health Care Foundation finding indicates that about 8% of Californians the criteria for substance use disorder and that only about 10% of those received any type of treatment.

So what is rehabilitation in the state? This basically is a psychotherapeutic or medical treatment for the dependency on psychoactive materials like alcohol, street drugs, and prescription drugs.

The main intent of the rehab centers is to prevent financial, legal, social and psychological effects which may be caused as a result of addictions and abuse of substances.

The treatment also facilities a cure for depression and other related issues with the help of counseling by professionals and other addicts collectively share their experience. 

Please if you or a loved is going through an addiction or substance use issue please get help.  Do not be 90 percent or so of people not getting treatment.

Not getting help can lead to serious consequences including death. In 2017, there were 2,199 overdose deaths involving opioids in California according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. So please get professional treatment for you or a loved one substance use problems.

Addiction rehab centers benefits

Addiction rehabs in California have many benefits for those needing help.

You have psychotherapy programs that identify the underlying psychological and emotional issues that have triggered and led to addictive behavior and other courses that help one learn to manage their addiction et cetera.

Even though rehab cost in California can be high, the centers providing the treatment services can help you have a healthy lifestyle without the addiction or substance in your life.

California alcohol rehab centers benefits 

When the patient is being monitored under a California alcohol rehab center, a professional will be able to monitor him, therefore, ensuring the safety of the patient.

It even prevents the tendency of patients to continue drinking in between the treatment, which may cause fatal results.

Most alcohol treatment programs provide aftercare support which helps the patient continue in their recovery journey and keeps a record of the recovery process, allowing the specialists to evaluate the progress of the transformation. 

California drug rehab center benefits 

While undergoing drug rehabilitation in California with the help of these centers, there is strict observation, 24×7 support as well as there is no access to any drug substance.

These centers often limit the usage of phone calls and visitors, therefore, there are no negative influences nor would there be any possibility of smuggling of the substances.

These rehabs even continue to support them even after they go home, therefore, all these factors help to serve a person’s life altogether.

Types of substance abuse and addiction facility location programs

Most substance use disorder facilities in California provide those seeking treatment with different options on how to receive their treatment.

You have the option to receive your treatment in an outpatient, inpatient, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient setting.

 Outpatient rehabilitation programs

Outpatient drug rehabilitation programs are one of the types of treatment in which the patient remains at home while undergoing the necessary treatment.

This is an apt choice for people in educational institutions or those who have a regular work routine. 

However, the main problem with this for someone people is that the treatment may take some time to achieve the required goal as there is no strict supervision and therefore the individual may have to face certain struggles on his or her own. 

Intensive outpatient rehabilitation programs

This is a form of an outpatient treatment program where the patient visits the facility and go home after treatment.

This form of rehab program take hours during each session compared to the regular outpatient treatment program.

The patient may go to treatment four to five times a week for three to six hours per session.

Inpatient rehabilitation programs

The inpatient rehab programs are full-time addiction treatment program where the patient lives in the facility for the duration of the treatment. The patient is supervised 24/7.

This is usually the most recommended form of treatment for most people.

California short and long term program options( 28, 30, 60,90,120, 180 and One Years)

If you are seeking addiction treatment in California, you have different options to pick from lengthwise.

You have short term and long term options.

Short term treatment options can be 7 days, 14 days, 28 days or 30 days. While the long term treatment options can be 60 days, 90 days, 120 days, 180 days or one year.

Possible addiction treatment modalities in CA 

There are different types of treatment modalities that California rehab facilities typically use treatment drug and alcohol addictions.

#1: Psychotherapy

Certified addictions counseling therapists, social worker or even eating disorder specialists can help an individual come out clean with a perfect mind, body, and soul with the right kind of practices and workouts.

# 2: Family Counseling

The person who is addicted to these substances is not only the ones who suffer from it but also their family. Family counseling, therefore, provides treatment for the entire family who are subjected to the harsh treatments by the sufferer of the substance.

The family members also learn how to support their loved ones to come successfully recovered. 

# 3: Mutual Support Groups

Under the supervision of experts, the peers share their own experiences in the non-judgmental setting which helps them get rid of the ill-feeling they have towards what they are going through. 

# 4: Awareness Education

One of the drug and alcohol treatment is education on how the substance cause harm to your body. 

# 5: Skills Training: 

Rehab facilities also provide job and coping skills training for addicts.

California detox for addiction rehabilitation

For rehabilitation for addiction to a substance to be successful, one has to do a professional detox first.

Detox is not a treatment but the first step. It gives the patient struggling with addiction to clean their system and manage their withdrawal symptoms safely while being monitored by experienced treatment professionals.

The recommended detox is medical detox. Please speaks with a substance abuse treatment facility for the various detox options available to you based on your unique case.


There are many things to know when seeking alcohol or drug addiction treatment in California and it can get all overwhelming so call to be connected with an admission counselor.

Get the help you need from a California rehab center for your drug or alcohol use disorder by calling now.

Speaking with someone is at no cost or obligation to you whether you are looking for an adult or teenager inpatient or outpatient drug and alcohol facility in the state call now!

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Updated on May 29th, 2021